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Let’s look at another example. “Wellness is a life style. The root of this word stems from the desire to reach a physical and spiritual peace without spending big amounts every day.

Hie word wellness means peace, it takes its meaning form leisure rime and health, and forms the demands on tourism services.

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Lonely travel guide Photo Gallery

Standard practice was that you had to have a First Mate’s Certificate to serve as second mate, although that requirement had slackened with the shortage. I would be doing the coast voyage, discharging and then loading again for the Far East, before handing over to the deep sea crew. Hull was the first port, after which we would call at Newcastle, Grangemouth, then round the north of Scotland to Belfast, Birkenhead, Dublin, Swansea, then on to London, before finishing the loading in Southend. The estimated time on the coast was six weeks. The Benledi eventually came sliding in through the morning gloom, a tug in attendance at either end.

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