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Lonely planet top 2015 on Also, within two minutes of the actor’s departure with Bakley their table was bussed and no weapon was found. Logically, Blake’s alibi for the time of the shooting was contingent on establishing his initial return to Vitello’s to recover his gun. Without witness corroboration placing him in the restaurant during the time the shooting most likely occurred, Blake could have shot Bakley, summoned assistance from a nearby resident, then returned once to Vitello’s (corroborated by witnesses) to report the shooting. Burned by a recent string of high profile fiascos in the investigation of celebrity murder cases (see O.J. Simpson entry), LAPD’s top cops, the Robbery-Homicide unit, moved very deliberately in amassing evidence against 35 Blake Robert Blake. During an initial five-hour interview the actor refused to take a polygraph test claiming that while he was innocent the results might point to deception because he once dreamed of killing Bakley and felt responsible for her death because he left her alone in the car. Lonely planet top 2015 2016.

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