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Lonely planet top 10 2015 on On October 30, 2002, Jay, 37, was in his 24? 7 Recording Studio on Merrick Boulevard producing a record for a group called Rusty Waters featuring his friend and business partner Randy Allen. Around 7:30 P.M. the rapper took a break and sat in the second-floor lounge with Uriel Tony Rincon, 25, to play a video football game. In addition to the two men, four others were in the studio that night including Allen. While accounts have varied widely over time depending upon who is recounting the events, what remains certain is that two armed men were buzzed into the locked building and climbed the stairs to the second-floor lounge. One stood near the door while the other, a large man wearing a black sweatsuit, approached Jay and embraced him (leading detectives to believe the DJ knew his killer) before producing a . Lonely planet top 10 2015 2016.

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