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Lonely planet best of 2015 on Accounts vary as to the methods used to treat the hysterical Rappe she was placed in a tub of cold water, Arbuckle applied ice to her thigh or vulva (perhaps the source of the rumor the comic used ice or another foreign object to violate the woman). Arbuckle called the front desk for the house doctor, Arthur Beardslee, and when he could not be found the management sent up Dr. Olav Kaarboe. When Kaarboe arrived, Rappe had been moved down the hall to Room 1227 away from the ongoing party in Arbuckle’s suite. Kaarboe asked Rappe if she was injured and when she replied in the negative decided she was just drunk. Dr. Beardslee checked on Rappe hours later and found her in severe abdominal pain. Lonely planet best of 2015 2016.

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