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Lonely planet best destinations 2015 on In the mid?1960s, the move toward more melodic music spearheaded by the Beatles made Meek’s music seem gimmicky. To accommodate the new trend, the producer countered in 1964 with The Honeycombs’ Top 5 hit Have I the Right? The single proved to be Meek’s last success, and following a string of musical flops he found himself largely unemployable and drowning in debt. Ever a violent personality, Meek’s erratic behavior (fueled by amphetamine use and fear that he would be publicly exposed as a homosexual) alienated many of his longtime friends. As Meeks sank deeper into drug abuse and mental illness, he became convinced that his studio-living quarters were bugged and that unseen forces were trying to steal ideas directly from his mind. To thwart them, the 35-year-old burned all his notes and private documents except one that read, I’m going now. An ardent spiritualist, Meek told friends that the spirit of British occultist Aleister Crowley was keeping him up all night by walking up and down the staircase outside his apartment. Meek’s tenuous grasp on reality further frayed in January 1967, when the mutilated corpse of Bernard Oliver, a 17-year-old warehouseman from Muswell Hill, was found packed into two suitcases behind a hedgerow by a tractor driver working in a field in the Suffolk village of Tattingstone. Lonely planet best destinations 2015 2016.

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