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Lonely planet 2015 best in travel on As stated, most of these essentials have already been addressed, but with our focus mainly on the timing aspect for trade acceptance. Let us now take a slightly different approach by discussing some classic tricks and traps that should give us fair warning as to when to stay out; and while we’re at it, why not explore also if there are ways to take advantage of some of these treacherous breakouts, by trading them for Figure 7.1 Trending sessions are easy to spot. Unless we are dealing with a lengthy flag we need only to follow the direction of the 25ema to understand who is currently in charge. And nine times out of ten, that is the line also to follow for our trades. This information is so easy to obtain, so unambiguous in nature, and such an excellent filter that it’s hard to believe that anyone would willingly discard it. But many do by mistake. Lonely planet 2015 best in travel 2016.

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