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London Subway Map on imposed consecutive prison terms. Instead of 99 year sentences, the Browns each faced 188 years in the penitentiary unless paroled. In late 1996, the mystery of what happened to Stringbean’s stash of money, the motive for the murders of the country star and his wife, was finally solved. The occupant of the house was seated in front of the fireplace when he noticed bits of paper falling into the grate from the chimney. Summoned to the house, police found several thousands of dollars hidden in the chimney stonework long since chewed by mice into worthless scraps of nesting confetti. On January 8, 2003, Doug Brown, 52, died of natural causes at the Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex in Morgan County. Doug’s cousin and triggerman, John Brown, was turned down for parole in 1993. London Subway Map 2016.

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