Ljubljana Map

Ljubljana Map

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Ljubljana Map on There is, however, a variety of border struggles, prominent among activist networks and their allies, that call for the abolition of borders, pointing precisely to their role in sustaining nation-states and the globalization of capital. Under the loose label of No Border, which served for many years as the name of a diffuse network of European border activists, these struggles have provided some of the most radical and inspiring instances of political action around and on borders with implications extending far. beyond migrant issues. From the organization of border camps at strategic sites of migration control to campaigns against agencies involved in migration management, from direct actions aimed at detention centers to attempts to build underground railroads for the safe passage of subjects in transit, these initiatives have crossed our political experiences and in many ways informed our approach to borders. In an article that attempts to take stock of No Border politics, Bridget Anderson, Nandita Sharma, and Cynthia Wright (2009) develop a number of analytical propositions that are close to our own. These authors approach borders as molds that attempt to create certain types of subjects and subjectivities. Recognizing the temporal operations of borders and their extension across and beyond as well as around national domains, they show how border controls can force people to live in an eternal present in ways that intensify their worldng time and effort. Ljubljana Map 2016.

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