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Thousands of satisfied customers have watched whales and seabirds from The decks of Maine’s whale watching vessels. There may be little that’s more exciting or thrilling than the sight of a whale, up close and immense, blowing its breath within feet of the deck. And if they breach, it’s a sight that can’t even be imagined and will never be forgotten.

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Whales are seasonal and come to the Gulf of Maine to feed between spring and October before heading south to warmer waters to give birth. The species that make the trip include right whales, humpbacks, minkes, and finbacks.

Sometimes the whales don’t show up where they are supposed to, and if they do. they may not be in the mood to play or breach for human entertainment. However, many whale watch tours are available and they have pretty good results because they stay in business!

Popular spots for whale watches range from Lubec to Kennebunk. Other tours leave from Bar Harbor, Boothbay, and Portland.

Those not accustomed to boats, or northern ocean waters, should prepare lor the possibility of rough weather (potential seasickness) and cold. Even if it’s hot on the dock, il can rapidly become cold and breezy

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