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Lisbon Travel on (Oxford, 1925, 2nd ed. 1949), p. 31. objection to supposing that the Cretan god is, like Attis, a youthful lover of the Nature-goddess. No contradiction was involved in imagining the spirit now as a babe and now as a virile youth.1 Owing to his connexion with the cycle of vegetation, the fertility-spirit must be born, grow to maturity and die within a single year, and it is natural therefore that his development should proceed with miraculous speed. Dionysos, the most famous god of vegetation among the Greeks, was said by Homer to have had nurses, and Plutarch speaks of a rite in which his female votaries, the Thyiades, awaken the Liknites, the child in the liknon or winnowing-basket which served him as a cradle. Lisbon Travel 2016.

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