Linley Sambourne House London

18 Stafford Terrace, W8 020 7602 3316 Tours Sat & Sun Home makeovers are nothing new, as proved by this beautifully preserved 1870s townhouse, former home of the noted Punch cartoonist. Glazed window boxes reflect the Victorian passion for conservatories, while bare patches behind paintings cruelly reveal the Sambournes’ frugal use of wallpaper. Adm Edward Linley Sambourne | The Library Time Machine travelquaz

Linley Sambourne House London Photo Gallery

Linley Sambourne House London

I met her one evening following an over-indulgence of Double Diamond beer. True to form in my inebriated state, my charm slid out from under its rock and coiled around Julie, who I was finding rather attractive. Diamond! We met the next night. She was grim: small, skinny and hunched with a lantern jaw and beady eyes. I rushed her to an out-of-the-way pub behind the Barbican, where I was sure no one I knew would go.

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