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CAESARIA the Younger. Succeeded Caesaria the Elder in directing the monastery. Probably unrelated according to others, though, Caesaria the Elder and Caesarius of Arles were her aunt and uncle. Lincoln Metro Map Under her leadership the community grew enormously, with nearly 200 religious in the mid- 6th c. Caesarius’s Testamentum is addressed to her and to the clergy of Arles. It was she who insisted that five of Caesarius’s companions in faith write his biography after his death. Vita Caesarii 58, ed. Morin, 296 and 320; A. de Vog¼ – J. Courreau, Csaire d’Arles, ’uvres monastiques, I, = SC 345, Paris 1988, 21-30; 440-468; LTK 2, 878 R. N¼rnberg; K.F. Stroheker, Der Senator. Adel im sp¤tantiken Gallien, T¼bingen 1948, repr. 1970; T. Sardella, in Patrologia IV, 295-297.

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