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Liberecky Travel on Perhaps because of this difficulty, we have seen many different attempts to invent the new legal or political subject: from the resuscitation of the citizen to the resignification of the people, from the part that has no part to the new cosmopolitan subject. What matters is not so much whether any one of these concepts is more enabling or more empirically grounded than the others. Rather, we need to understand the’historical circumstances that give rise precisely to such a proliferation of different approaches to the subject. Approaching this as a problem of translation gives us an entry point for interrogating the thorny problem of the unity of such a subject at the same time as it raises another important issue that so far we have not sufficiently discussed: the problem of political organization. Border Struggles You just fucked with the wrong Mexican, declares Machete, the ex-narc cum vengeful border hero played by Danny Trejo in the eponymous film directed by Robert Rodriguez (2010). Machete strips bare the hard-line Texas senator who sets him up and runs an antimigration campaign. He also runs amok among this senator’s minutemen allies, utterly eliminating them in an old-style shootout featuring a motorcycle mounted with a bazooka. Liberecky Travel 2016.

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