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Leraba Travel on Although government measuring practices and methods of managing labor have changed during the 1990s, unemployment remains Canada’s main challenge for the 21st century. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Sherry Cooper, The Cooper Files (Key Porter Books, 1999); Jacques Lacoursière, Jean Provencher and Denis Vaugeois, Canada-Québec, Synthèse historique, 1534–2000 (Septentrion, 2000); Normand Lester, The Black Book of English Canada (McClelland & Stewart, 2002); Marc V. Levine, The Reconquest of Montreal: Language Policy and Social Change in a Bilingual City (Temple University Press, Conflicts in Urban and Regional Development Series, 1990); Kenneth McRoberts. Misconceiving Canada: The Struggle for National Unity (Oxford University Press, 1997); Jean-Francois Lisée, Invest in Quebec’s Uniqueness, Inroads (v.10, 2001). YVES LABERGE, PH. Leraba Travel 2016.

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