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Lenart Travel on Author of the most widely read anti-war manifesto of the early 20th century, Angell became the leading spokesman of the New Pacifist movement and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1933. Born in Holbeach in northeastern England to a prosperous commercial family and educated in FRANCE and SWITZERLAND as well as his native country, Angell spent nine years working in a variety of menial occupations in the UNITED STATES before drifting into journalism. Returning to Europe in 1898, he settled in Paris and rose to become editor of the continental edition of the London Daily Mail. From this vantage point he observed the dramatic escalation of international tensions between GERMANY and its neighbors and the growth of a seemingly uncontrollable arms race. In 1909, Angell published an analysis of these developments, Europe’s Optical Illusion, that after revision was reissued the following year under the title, The Great Illusion. The central argument of The Great Illusion was an inversion of the Marxist proposition that the root causes of war lay in competition between rival capitalist groups seeking to enrich themselves by monopolizing foreign markets and natural resources. Angell sought to show that, to the contrary, modern warfare had become so expensive and economically disruptive that, even if successful, the costs of a war of conquest would vastly exceed the expected benefits. Lenart Travel 2016.

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