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Lebanon Country on It is always sunshiny by day and doudy by night. The entire landscape was there before mankind came, and it will still be there when mankind has vanished. The narrator’s Landfall vision stresses the unapproachability of the Placid Gulf. Never a strong wind had been known to blow upon its waters (6). (This is an unlikelihood, by the way. Any open water will get strong wind sorne of the time.) Sailing ships routinely get becalmed for days in the Golfo Placido within sight of the harbor. Lebanon Country 2016.

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The Micronesians: well, there aren’t many of them, although they are more akin to the Polynesians than the Melanesians. For many thousands of years the peoples of the Pacific lived with each other and fought and killed each other. The traditional way of waging war was by invasion fleets of huge war canoes, whereby one island group would bear down on another with a battle plan of clubbing down the male inhabitants, stealing what possessions they had, and taking the women. In the sixteenth century, the European powers began poking their avaricious noses into the Pacific, the Spanish and Portuguese first, then the British and French. Between them, the Europeans brought sundry civilising traits to the Pacific region: religion, medicine, engineering, literacy, irregular verbs, table manners, shoes, parasols, alcoholism, smallpox, measles and syphilis.

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