Launceston Map

Launceston : In the north of the State is Launceston, charmingly situated where the North and South Esk Rivers merge to form the River Tamar. This garden city is famous for its beautiful parks. Two of the top hotels are the Brisbane, $8.75 per day and the Launceston, $9 per day, both with bath.

Several large tracts of Tasmania have been reserved for pleasure purposes. The Mount Field National Park (about 40,000 acres), 50 miles from Hobart, includes Mount Field mountain range, with skiing and skating on the plateau. The scenery is superb. A still bigger national park is Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair (about 525 square miles), where there are mountains, wild canyons, forests, waterfalls, and lakes galore. This reserve attracts hundreds of hikers annually. Limestone caves are another of Tasmania’s attractions for sightseers. Caves have been discovered at several centers, the chief group being at Mole Creek, where caves known as King Solomon, Marakoopa, Baldock’s and Scott’s are located.

Perth : Capital of Western Australia, fringes the banks of the beautiful Swan River and enjoys the distinction of being Australia’s sunniest capital. The Post Office and Commonwealth Bank in Forrest Place a broad, though short, thoroughfare opposite the entrance to the Central Railway Station are among the finest buildings in Australia and dominate the city’s architecture. There are many others of striking architectural design.

Among the places of interest are the Art Gallery and Museum, Beaufort Street; Parliament House, Harvest Terrace; the Observatory, Havelock Street, the University of Western Australia and King’s Park. King’s Park, set aside in 1871, now comprises about 1,000 acres, most of which is in bushland state and grows a large variety of indigenous flora,, which bloom profusely from August to November. There are good roads from which you get a magnificent panorama of Perth, the Swan River, and the Darling Ranges. The State War Memorial is here too. Within easy reach of the city are numerous ocean and river beaches available to visitors. Hotel accommodations are good at the Esplanade ($10 American Plan),-the Palace ($9 American Plan) and the Adelphi ($5.50 bed and breakfast).

SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION: In Sydney the New South Wales Government Tourist Bureau will gladly supply information on attractions and activities of interest. Pan American’s office is at Berger House, 82 Elizabeth St. (Tel. BW 2252).

In Melbourne the Victorian Government Tourists’ Bureau provides information and makes arrangements for transportation, tours and hotels. Pioneer Tours specializes in bus tours of all types. Both are on Collins Street. There are three daily newspapers with theater listings, sports events, etc. Pan American’s office is at 85 Collins Street (Tel. MF 6351).


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