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Last minute vacations on Considering the bearish pressure at hand, we could take our chances on a little breach of the level so as to pocket profits in the 1 0 pip range. Perhaps we could even say, somewhat optimistically, that the 1 -2 maneuver was the pole from which the 2-6 flag was hanging, leaving the bears the task to mimic this stretch on the way down, with potential profits somewhere in the 1 5 pip range (pole-flag-swing); but my personal advice would be not to push your luck too much beyond a newly broken round number, especially when the markets are awfully tight on the whole. Figure 1 1 .1 3 Just to show that our techniques can indeed be applied to any market and frame of choice, let’s wrap up this chapter with a couple of charts from the popular futures markets. It’s beyond the scope of this guide to delve into the finer differences between Forex and Futures trading, but none of it relates to the technical side anyway. Quite the contrary, things are very much the same. This is a picture of the Nasdaq 1 00 e-mini. Last minute vacations 2016.

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