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Last minute vacation packages on By the same token, if position was taken on the first entry, the stop could then be lifted to the level of the stop on the higher entry. Yet all this is very much dependent on personal style and management technique. (Do recall that our 20/ 1 0 bracket, though highly effective, is merely a suggestion, too.) Amazingly, just a few bars later, this bull trend came up with yet another flag pattern ( 1 2 – 1 3low) hanging sideways from the pole 1 1 – 1 2. Although the break of this flag did not set up in tradable fashion, the powerful pop in bar 1 3 shows us once again that when the market is in trending mode, contrarians have little business defying the obvious. More than learning about specific entry techniques, probably the biggest lesson to take away from this chart is to always acknowledge the presence of a trend. When it comes to playing it for continuation, it may very well be that no valid entries are provided or that they feel too uncomfortable or too borderline to accept. Last minute vacation packages 2016.

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