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Last minute deals on The director’s virulent anti-drug stand was so well-known in the movie capital that after his death police investigated the angle that drug dealers smarting from their loss of revenue in the motion picture industry may have been responsible for his murder. A more likely suspect, however, lay even closer to Taylor’s domestic life in Bungalow 404 on Alvarado Court. In late 1919 or early 1920, the director hired Edward Sands as his combination secretary, butler, and cook. Outwardly cultured, Sands was in reality little more than a bunco artist. In eight short years he managed to be dishonorably discharged from the military, re-enlist twice only to desert each time. Sands held a position in the Paramount commissary when Taylor picked him to be his man Friday. The director’s generosity was repaid in 1921 when Sands used the opportunity of Taylor’s absence in Europe to forge his employer’s name on several checks. Last minute deals 2016.

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