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Bede’s in Fleet Street and St. Andrew’s at Holborn can be mentioned among those associated with Roman cemeteries. 5 St. Albans: The date of the martyrdom of St. Las Vegas Metro Map Alban being uncertain, the probable identification of the locale and the martyrium visited by Germanus and Lupus in 429, like the later church to which Bede alludes HE I, 7, remains the slope of the hill occupied by the present abbey, where the tombs discovered from time to time could belong either to a burial cemetery or to an area which had developed around the martyrium and the tomb of St. Alban. We have here the most certain evidence from Roman Britain for a continuity of worship.

Private churches: 1 Lullingstone, Kent: In the center of a vast and rich country villa, whose owners became Christians in the 2nd half of the 4th c., a group of rooms on the ground floor were adapted for worship. Las Vegas Metro Map This consisted of a portico, an external room with mural paintings of Christograms and a rectangular room with similar paintings on two walls; on the short wall to the west was a frieze painted with human figures, similar to orantes. At the beginnings of the 5th c., a fire put an end to the building. 2 Frampton and Hinton St. Mary, Dorset: Various late Roman villas of southern Britain contain mosaics which presumably belonged to Christian owners. The mosaics of Frampton and Hinton St. Mary are on the floors of connecting rooms and have Christian themes combined with pagan subjects.

These mosaics, together with the high level of the decoration of Lullingstone, appear in contrast with the sparse decoration of the Roman British churches identified at Silchester and Lincoln, so that Frampton and Hinton St. Mary could represent atypical rooms within the villa, sometimes used for Christian worship. Las Vegas Metro Map 3 No private urban churches have been identified in Britain. Certain scholars have proposed one at Caerwent and one at Colchester, without any proof.

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