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Not just the Fathers, but the Eastern anaphorae too confirm the consecratory dimension of the epiclesis: We beseech you, send your Holy Spirit upon us and upon these offerings. Make this bread the precious body of your Christ, transforming it with your Holy Spirit. Amen. Make what is in this chalice the precious blood of your Christ, transforming it with your Holy Spirit. Amen. To whoever receives it, may it avail for sobriety of soul, remission of sins, communion of your Holy Spirit, fullness of the kingdom of heaven, confidence in you, and not for sin and damnation Anaph. Ioan. Chrysost.: H¤nggi Pahl, Prex Eucharistica, 226; cf. Anaph. Basilii Caesar. Las Vegas Map Tourist Attractions Byzantina: ibid., 236, 238. In these texts the epiclesis, as a consecratory prayer, is closely connected with the epiclesis of communion. Indeed we may say that the consecratory epiclesis does not stand on its own, but in relation to the spiritual transformation of the assembly in communion.

The main interest of these anaphorae is not the transformation of the eucharistic species considered in themselves, but insofar as this transformation makes the sacrament a communion with God. This is probably why, in these anaphorae, the epicleses of consecration and communion, which in the Roman Canon and in the new eucharistic prayers are distinguished into the preand post-consecratory epicleses, are combined together and placed after the account of institution. Las Vegas Map Tourist Attractions The explanation that the whole anaphora and not just part of it whether the account of institution or the epiclesis is consecratory remains a good one, Las Vegas Map Tourist Attractions but the immediate explanation of this problem seems to be the purpose of the epiclesis as conditio sine qua non of sacramental communion.

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