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Lampang Travel on Although imperialism seemed to reconcile the global frontiers of capitalism and territorialism, it was precisely the growing relevance of the abstract dimension of the world market so carefully analyzed by Marx that destabilized imperialist projects from their inception. Eventually it led, as we anticipated through our analysis of the writings of Isaiah Bowman, to the end of the territorial bias of imperialism”if not, as we tend to agree with Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri (2000), to the end of imperialism as such. What needs to be added to this picture is the role played by anti-imperialist struggles, which found after the Soviet revolution and particularly after the 1920 Baku congress of the peoples of the East a transnational forum for political discussion and coordination (Young 2001,127-39). New geographies of struggle began to emerge, reshuffling spatial coordinates and mixing up the heterogeneous scales on which modern history had developed under the constraints of political borders between European states, colonial frontiers, and the capitalist world market. A book such as Darkwater (1920) by W. E. B. Lampang Travel 2016.

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