The Hindu goddess of good fortune. Her name means sign in Sanskrit, a term to which believers often add adjectives like lucky or fortunate. She also represents beauty, love, and fertility and is described in myth as being a consort of Vishnu. Hindu representations of her include portrayals of her as a queen dressed in red (considered an auspicious color) and surrounded by lotus blossoms. Believers also sometimes place images of her on doorsteps in order to keep evil away and to encourage good luck. SEE ALSO: Holi; VishnuI was on bridge-watch once with a slightly unhinged second mate, who regarded these situations as tests of nerve. He would never alter course until after the other ship had started to open. Sometimes of course, the officer on the bridge of one ship will be working in the chartroom, oblivious to what is happening and the onus will be on the other alone to avoid collision. On rare occasions, both officers of the watch are oblivious, with the result that the ensuing incident makes the front page in the Lloyds List newspaper. It was good to pass close by another ship in mid-ocean.

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