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Lagos Map Tourist Attractions on Born Donnell Clyde Cooley on either February 22, 1910, or December 17, 1910 (sources vary), in either Pack Saddle Creek or Grand(e), Oklahoma (sources vary), he inherited his musical ability from his grandfather and father, both skilled fiddlers. Spade, so named because he once held three consecutive winning poker hands in that suit, received classical instruction on the violin as a child, and was soon making a name for himself fiddling at local dances in Oregon where the family moved in 1914. According to Cooley, he moved to Los Angeles in 1934 with only his violin and 6 cents in his pocket determined to make it in country music. That same year his physical resemblance to Roy Rogers landed him work as the western star’s stand-in in several Republic Studios films. Throughout the 1930s Cooley stayed busy touring as a fiddle player with Rogers and occasionally singing with the Riders of the Purple Sage and standing-in with other bands. In 1942, Cooley got his big break when he took over leadership of Jimmy Wakely’s house band at the Venice Pier Ballroom in Santa Monica, California. Cooley’s orchestra, featuring multiple fiddle players and a harp combined with croonerstyle vocalists like Tex Williams, represented a much lusher sound than previously heard in western swing music. Lagos Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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