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Laane Viru Travel on 6 In the following translation, the words in brackets represent supplements or partial supplements by the editors, where the Greek words are entirely or partly obliterated on the stone. Io! Greatest Kuros, I give thee hail, Son of Kronos, all-powerful and bright one. Thou hast stepped forth at the head of thy daemons. To Dikte for the year O come, and rejoice in the notes which we strike for So the editors and first commentators.

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See Annual of Brit.Sch. At Athens (1908-9).

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There is something though: a wistfulness that’s gradually inflicted on every ageing man. I just. Miss.

I miss being young, I miss being strong, I miss being fearless, I miss being quick on my feet, I miss the lack of anxiety, I miss laughing at things that now give me concern, I miss the ability to work all day and play all night, I miss having all the appetites of a young man. Perhaps I miss the sea too, a bit.

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