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La Libertad Travel on D. UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND black market 89 BNP Paribas THE FEBRUARY, 2003, issue of Fortune magazine listed this powerful financial services group as number seven among the world’s banks and financial institutions. Created through a successful merger in the 1990s, BNP Paribas has solid roots around the world. In fact, analysts have cited it as the most profitable bank in continental Europe currently formulating an active presence in the United States. As well, it holds a leading position in Asia and is rated one of the top-ranking financial institutions in most of the 85 countries where it does business. But, because it is Paris-based, three quarters of its 85,000 employees work in geographic Europe, many within its 2,200 retail-focused branches in FRANCE. The company is comprised of three core businesses: corporate and investment banking, retail banking, and private banking (which includes asset management, securities services and insurance). La Libertad Travel 2016.

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