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Kyrgyzstan Country on It cannot be taken for granted as the shared environment within which aIl members of this community dweIl together. The reader is told early in the novel that Crawley’s wife thinks he is half mad. Other members of the community are not so charitable. The real truth is, says the lawyer, Mr. Walker, … Kyrgyzstan Country 2016.

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When we finished eating, I read my Guardian so as not to offend them. After lunch we set off again. The husband and wife missionaries were wearing shorts and stout walking boots and carried staffs, whereas I was dressed inappropriately for walking the Papuan jungle: desert boots, light slacks and a casual shirt. I was more dressed for a stroll in the town, which I wished was the case. From time to time we passed a file of Papuans, who all smiled brightly, and the missionaries paused to jabber with them for a few minutes in Tok Pisin.

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