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From the start, monasticism saw chastity as an incontestable and universal reality against which the devil’s temptations are focused; chastity is the way to obtain avpa,qeia, but without God’s gift and humility, not only does it benefit no one, but it is even harmful to those who practice it. Kuala Lumpur Subway Map It is a virtue in continual growth, and the monk, receiving it as a gift from God, makes daily progress until he reaches maturity in it Cass., Conl. 11,7; 12,7. Chastity makes the soul the place where God dwells, such that there is no good work that is not born of a chaste heart Greg. Gt., Mor. 21,12,19. In Alcuin d. 804 De virtut. et vit. 18 we find this same broad meaning of chastity as a virtue to be applied to all states and all moments of human life omnibus enim castitas semper necessaria est.

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