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ELISAEUS, doctor Elie Vardapet 6th c.?. Armenian author of a History of Vardan and the Armenian War, which recounts the Armenian insurrection of the years 449451. Traditionally considered an eyewitness of the events he relates, Elisaeus is now more commonly dated in the 6th c.; Akinian puts the composition of the History in the 7th c., seeing the present text as a 9th-c. revision that transformed the original hero, Vardan II, into Vardan I. In the manuscripts Elisaeus appears as the author of homilies and ascetic and exegetical treatises, which seem to use translations from the Hellenophile period 6th c., but at the same time show little interest in the anti-Chalcedonian disputes. DHGE 15, 232-235; DSp 4, 594-596; Bardenhewer V, 202-206; G. Cappelletti, Kuala Lumpur Map Tourist Attractions Eliseo storico armeno del quinto secolo, Venice 1840; Srboy hawrn meroy Eliei vardapeti Matenagrowtiwnk’ Works of our holy father Elisaeus doctor, Venice 1859; V. Langlois, Collection des historiens anciens et modernes de l’Armnie. II, Paris 1869, 177-251; S. Weber, Ausgew¤hlte Schriften der armenischen Kirchenv¤ter I, Munich 1927, 271-298; N. Akinian, Elie vardapet ew iwr Patmowt’iwn Hayoc’ paterazmi. Matenagrakanpatmakan owsowmnasirowt’iwn Elisaeus doctor and his History of the Armenian War. Historical-critical research.

I-II, Vienna 1932-36 Ger. summ. in appendix; N. Akinian, Elie vardapet Kolbac’i: Keank’n ew grak’an gorcownewt’iwne Elisaeus of Kolb, doctor: life and literary activity: HA 64 1950 385-421; 65 1951 1-43; B.L. Zekiyan, Kuala Lumpur Map Tourist Attractions Elie as Witness of the Ecclesiology of the Early Armenian Church, in N.G. Garso¯an et al. eds., East of Byzantium: Syria and Armenia in the Formative Period, Washington, D.C. 1982, 187-197; R. Thomson, E?ishe, History of Vardan and the Armenian War Harvard Armenian Texts and Studies 5, Cambridge, MA – London 1982; L. Leloir, ‰lise l’Armnien, Discours sur la Transfiguration, in Joie de la Transfiguration d’apr¨s les P¨res d’Orient, ed. M. Coune Spiritualit orientale 39, Abbaye de Bellefontaine 1985, 135-138; H.H. K’yoseyan, Elie i caragrakan erkeri albyowrneric’ Sources of the homiletic works of Elie: Patmabanasirakan Handes 123 1988 4, 108-112; B. Outtier, Une exhortation aux moines d’‰lise l’armnien, in Mlanges Antoine Guillaumont. Kuala Lumpur Map Tourist Attractions Contributions   l’tude des christianismes orientaux Cahiers d’orientalisme 20, Geneva 1988, 97-101; R.W. Thomson, Aspects of Armenian Biblical Exegesis: Elie on the Passion, in S. Ajamian – M.E. Stone, Text and Context: Studies in the Armenian New Testament: Papers Presented to the Conference on the Armenian New Testament May 22-28, 1992 University of Pennsylvania. Armenian Texts and Studies 13, Atlanta 1994, 83-95; R.W. Thomson, Elie, The History of Vardan and the Armenian War. A Facsimile Reproduction of the 1957 Yerevan Edition Classical Armenian Texts, Delmar 1993; R.W. Thomson, A Homily on the Passion of Christ Attributed to Elishe, Louvain 2000.

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