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ETHIOPIA MAP Classical language or Geez. Ancient Ethiopic has its own distinctive alphabet, derived from the S Arabian; yet this Semitic alphabet seems to resemble archaic Greek more than Phoenician. S Arabian writing was boustrophedon, i.e., lines going from right to left alternated with lines going from left to right; Ethiopic, like Greek and Latin, went only from left to right. The Ethiopic alphabet originally had letters or consonants which, around the beginning of the 4th c. AD, were enriched and clarified by vowel signs; the Ethiopians, instead of applying the vowel signs over and under the consonants, Kuala Lumpur Map as generally happened in other Semitic languages, modified each consonant according to which of the 7 vowels was to follow it, so that one sign expressed consonant and vowel together. The number of signs was later increased as a result of the transformation of some letters to indicate a consonant followed by a diphthong. For writing numbers, Ethiopic abandoned S Arabian signs and adopted the Greek. Geez, besides our own sounds, has three grades of aspirate h; a sort of light breath ‘; an occlusive sound like the Arabic ayn: an emphatic dental t; an explosive s; and other particular sounds.

Personal pronouns in the 2nd and 3rd persons have a masculine and a feminine form; when referred to verbs, in the indirect cases, they are joined to the verb itself as suffixes. The verb, in its basic form, consists of 3 syllables; the root is given by the 3rd-person masculine singular of the perfect; from this form can be obtained a causative, a reflexivepassive, Kuala Lumpur Map a reflexive-causative; still other forms can be derived: an intensive, a frequentative; from these can be formed causatives, passive-reflexives and causative-passives. Conjugation: there are two tenses, perfect and imperfect, both in the indicative mood. There are also the subjunctive, with one tense, the imperative, the infinitive, the gerund and the participle. Nouns: these can be primitive or derived from a verbal word; there are two genders; the plural can be formed with suffixes or by internal modifications fractional plural. Kuala Lumpur Map Prepositions: some are used as prefixes, others are separate. The syntax of Geez is quite simple and can in some ways be compared to that of neo-Latin languages. Ancient Ethiopic, which was the language of the court and hence the official language from the first centuries AD, and which has not been spoken for several centuries, still survives as a sacred language and, in part, as a literary language.

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