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Krustpils Novads Travel on Anthropological literature does not suggest that the notion of the soul as breath or air was so distinctly conceived and isolated from other ideas (soul as shadow, soul in heart, etc.) by other peoples as it was among the Greeks, although the other views existed among them as well. which we breathed them in, this is not so important as that he subscribed to the general notion that it is by breathing in air that we acquire the life-principle, which he of course, above all others, regarded as material. The passage in Aristotle runs: For in the air there are many of those particles which he [Demokritos calls mind and soul. Hence, when we breathe and the air enters, these enter along with it, and by their action cancel the pressure [sc. of the surrounding atmosphere which presses them out of our bodies, thus preventing the expulsion of the soul which resides in the animal. This explains why life and death are bound up with the taking in and letting out of breath; for death occurs when the compression by the surrounding air gains the upper hand, and, the animal being unable to respire, the air from outside can no longer enter and counteract the compression. Krustpils Novads Travel 2016.

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