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Krsko Travel on She was happy to help, even flattered, I think. We walked around the house, she told me what she thought would look nice, then we went out back, stood looking at the Bluffs. Oh, God. She never saw it coming, Jess. One clean shot to the back of the head. And it was all over. Jess swayed, almost lost her balance, grasped the floor with her toes, managed to hang on. Krsko Travel 2016.

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There were then several kung hei fat choy toasts, which everyone joined in with enthusiasm, before they left us to our continuing gluttony. As the second officer I was again the ship’s medical officer. I ran a tight dispensary on the Kwangsi, cataloguing my medicines and carefully curing, or attempting to, whatever ills came my way. I always acted as if I knew much more than I did, which I felt was half the battle. I was forever waiting for my glory moment, an amputation or major operation of some kind, but it never came.

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