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Kronoberg Travel on The men were sickly, near starving, and mutinous after a ten-month expedition of harrowing hardship. Pizarro had sent his partner Diego de Alma-gro back north in their small ship to recruit reinforcements in Panama. But his desperate men had smuggled a message to the governor of Panama, which they hid in a bale of wool for his wife. They appealed for deliverance from their fanatic leader; he was, they The battered visage of Francisco Pizarro stares from his brother Hernando’s palace, built in their hometown of Trujillo, Spain, with the spoils of conquest. As a farm boy, Pizarro never learned to read or write. Campaigns in Italy and expeditions of discovery and conquest in the New World hammered him into a hardened soldier ready to test his courage against unknown South America. Top dog Ch. Kronoberg Travel 2016.

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