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Krimuldas Novads Travel on It was time to let go of the suffocating guilt that had coated her for the past eight years, like a second skin. Grabbing her purse but abandoning her coat to the hall closet, Jess silently opened the front door and stepped into the bitter night air. In the next instant, she was behind the wheel of her rented car, speeding south along Sheridan Road, tears streaming down her cheeks, music blasting from the radio, wanting only to crawl into her bed, pull the covers up over her head, and disappear until morning. rap and transfer, that’s the name of the game for Joe McFee (above, at left) and Don Wilson, wildlife specialists with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission’s turkey relocation program. On the Biltmore Estate, in Asheville, they band one of nine gobblers captured in their rocket-fired net. Their colleague Chuck Deyton (below) releases a hen into the Saura-town Gamelands, north of Winston-Salem, in the hope of establishing a viable new turkey population in that region. In South Carolina an alert gobbler peers from a stand of dogwood trees in the Francis Beidler Forest, part of Four Holes Swamp (opposite). Krimuldas Novads Travel 2016.

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