Kolkata Metro Map

Kolkata Metro Map on Apart from this being done in the tricky area of the prominent OO-level, just consider the distance to the 25ema. On any time or tick frame, continuation breaks are best deployed from the safe base of this average, and most preferably with a favorable magnet in sight. Figure 1 1 .9 After several hours of trying to work their way through the 30-level, bulls finally succumbed to the bearish opposition, which left the market highly vulnerable to the 20-level test. Hence the short below bar 2 (triple-bar break) . In cases like this, you can shoot for a round number breach-otherwise skip-but perhaps with the intention to deploy a resistance exit in the former low of 1 at 3 (dotted line). Especially in very tight markets, always anticipate at least some form of opposition in the new round number area, even after an initial perforation. Kolkata Metro Map 2016.

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