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Kogi Travel on We are thrown asunder (102). Next fûllows a longish soliloquy for Bernard, as he looks around the restaurant and takes stock of the rnoment of togetherness that is just ending and then of his freedom in his separateness to look around and make stories of the people he sees in the restaurant, including his six friends, and including also the ever-silent Perceval: Who and what are these unknown people? l ask. l could make a dozen stories of what he said, ofwhat she said-I can see a do zen pictures. But what are stories? Toys l twist, bubbles l blow, one ring passing through another. And sometime l begin to doubt if there are stories. What is my story? What is Rhoda’s? What is Neville’s? (103). The reader will see the way this last segment echoes Woolf’s own said X’s and said Y’s, and also her doubts, registered in diary entries as she was writing The Waves, about whether she could succeed in making stories by way of her strategy of soliloquies. Kogi Travel 2016.

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