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Kinshasa Metro Map on That same month, Marine Sommerville of Cleveland, gave birth to Sam’s daughter, Denise. As before, the singer recognized the child as his own, sent money, stayed in touch, but did not marry the woman. The pattern, however, was broken on October 14, 1953 when the 22-year-old idol of the gospel music world married Dolores Mohawk in Chicago. The marriage lasted until mid?1958 hastened, no doubt, by a paternity suit filed against the singer by a woman he had impregnated in New Orleans. Sam paid Mohawk $10,000 and presented her with a new car in exchange for her promise not to contest the divorce. She died drunk in a car wreck in Fresno, California in March 1959. By 1956, Sam had reached the pinnacle of success in the niche arena of gospel music and was anxious to crossover into the highly lucrative field of rhythm and blues then enjoying a boom in popularity. Kinshasa Metro Map 2016.

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