Kinshasa Map

Kinshasa Map

Free Facts Kinshasa
Free Countries Kinshasa Map: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Free Kinshasa Map States: Kinshasa
Found to Kinshasa Map: 1881
Free Kinshasa Map and Area: 583 km2 (urban area)
Free Kinshasa Map and Population: 9046000
Free Kinshasa Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 4°19²30³S15°19²20³E
Free Time Zone of Kinshasa Map: UTC+1 to +2
Free Kinshasa Map And Codes: 234 + 12
Free Languages of Kinshasa Map: French, Lingala, Kikongo, Tshiluba, Swahili
Free Religions of Kinshasa Map: Christian,Kimbanguist,Muslim
Free Interesting places of Kinshasa Map: Congo River , Garamba National Park , Livingstone Falls , Lola ya Bonobo , Salonga National Park , Pool Malebo , Petites Chutes de la Lukaya

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