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Kesari tours singapore package on Around 1990, she relocated to Memphis determined to snag her idol Jerry the Killer Lee Lewis. Bakley had targeted Lewis since the mid?1980s and while the star’s sister, Linda Gail Lewis, knew the woman to be a gung ho groupie, still liked and associated with her. Bakley used the connection to get close to Lewis who reportedly had never been known throughout his seven marriages to turn down free sex from a young adoring female fan. The Killer, however, had never met a groupie as determined as Leebonney. Bakley loudly declared in the tabloid press that she was pregnant with the star’s child and when a daughter was born on July 28, 1993, she named her Jeri Lee Lewis. The paternity case against the rock star was tossed out of a Memphis court after Jerry Lee’s passport proved he was out of the country during the time Bakley conceived. Paul Gawron, now her administrative assistant in the scam that was generating thousands of letters a month to various drop boxes, later claimed he fathered the child. Kesari tours singapore package 2016.

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