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Kerala Travel on Morton’s kind permission. The practice of throwing defixiotus into the water goes back to Roman times in Britain. See No. 44 of the inscriptions from Bath in the Victoria County History of Somerset. (I owe this reference to Mr. J. H. Kerala Travel 2016.

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With the emotional support of a therapist, spouse, or friend, these parents, as adults, were able to look at their childhood experiences, identify the negative emotional experiences, and accept that their parents could not give them what they needed or wanted. With insights and acceptance of what had been, they were then able to create the kinds of relationships they wanted to have with their sons and daughters. Their sad and depressed feelings about their childhood experiences, while painful, did not limit them. They acknowledged the pain and went on to develop the flexible, warm style of parenting they desired. Even if parents experience abuse as children and have a higher risk of being abusive than a parent who did not experience abuse between to percent grow up to maltreat their own children still, the majority do not adopt their parents behavior.

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