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Kenya Metro Map on In 1930, the organization then known as the Hays Office created the Motion Picture Production Code, Hollywood’s official code of what was and was not permissible to be depicted in motion pictures. While anti?Hollywood feeling was simmering in the country as it prepared to celebrate Labor Day weekend in 1921, it had yet to touch the beloved comic who had six feature films as well as 21 shorts currently running in Los Angeles alone with another three unreleased features in the can for Paramount. On Saturday, September 3, Arbuckle, with buddies director Fred Fischbach and actor Lowell Sherman, drove his $35,000 custom- made Pierce-Arrow from Hollywood to San Francisco to celebrate his success with a weekend party in a twelfth-floor suite in the city’s famed St. Francis hotel. The next day, Arbuckle con – tacted a local bootlegger and ordered several bottles of bourbon and gin for an all-day party. Despite Prohibition being the law of the land, booze parties were so common in the luxury hotel that employees, bribed with alcohol or money, turned a blind eye to the practice. Across town in the Palace Hotel, the other principal in the impending tragedy, 25-year-old actress Virginia Rappe (Rappay), was with her manager, Al Semnacher, and a friend, Bambina Maude Delmont. Kenya Metro Map 2016.

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