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Kelantan Travel on But we have yet to consider, for instance, the possible bearing on this of the ecstatic possession by the god of the Pythia and others of his servants. A resemblance has been noted between the behaviour of Aristeas, Abaris, and their kind, and that of the Shamans of northern Asia, which opens up a new line of thought about the possible origins of the god. Such considerations must wait for the present. V. Hermes It is tiring to be always treading the mazes of controversy. In turning to Hermes, let us allow ourselves the luxury of leaving them, and, to refresh our spirits, follow one path only, which, in the present state of Hermes-lore, we are justified in doing. Nemesis must first be placated, so we shall listen attentively to the warning of Professor Rose: We must not forget the possibility that the 1 For the Hyakinthia see Farnell, Cults, iv, 125, 264. Kelantan Travel 2016.

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