Keeping a Tight Control on Your Travel Destination

Surely you want to keep a tight control on your money, without anyone stealing it, without anyone taking your cards, so that you can use your own money for the things you want to buy instead of having someone else spend your money on themselves.

I once saw a woman pay for something accidentally in a shop as she had a contactless card in her normal wallet, even though she wanted to pay with a different card that was not contactless. But once the payment was taken, it was too late and the transaction could not be reversed.

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She had paid, even though it was with the wrong card.

And consider that card skimmer hackers are able to clone cards and spend thousands fraudulently without any trouble whatsoever, especially online. I have read reports of this. It is not hard for them to do, if they get your card details.

When you travel to unusual places, or even in your home area, hackers can go around with ever-more sophisticated equipment and find lots of contactless payment cards which will respond with various information. The criminal hackers can then take that data and use it to make their own payments online or with a cloned contactless card, and the cardholder loses out.

As it all happens so fast, and without any physical stealing of a card, the cardholder is left none the wiser until they either check their account online (or on a paper statement) or they get a call from the card issuer wondering if the cardholder had made such unusual transactions lately.

So What Is the Solution, If Any? What Can You Do to Protect Yourself From Card Skimmers?

So what is the solution? An RFID-blocking wallet made from metal that completely blocks all RF signals, which is much better than a leather one that claims to be RF blocking but is not, can really help you to block unwanted transactions, block card skimmers, and save yourself from the hassle of fraud, unexpected payments and potentially huge financial losses. Save money by using this wallet instead of one that does not protect you.

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The RFID-blocking wallet is a kind of faraday cage, that blocks all radio signals. You can use a wallet that is designed to block RFID by being lined with radio-blocking material a small faraday cage you can put in your pocket.

I recommend the SekureTravel metal RFID-blocking wallet which can be found online inexpensively at Amazon at Although there are plenty of leather wallets around at the moment that claim to be “RFID-blocking” we got hold of one and tested it and found it to be lacking it did not block any radio signals at all. There are plenty of similar products on Amazon, if you read the reviews you will see that others have found that leather “RFID-blocking” wallets do not often block RF signals and may leave your contactless cards vulnerable.

The metal RFID-blocking wallet design is the only sure way to block radio signals. This has been tested and found to work well in blocking RF, due to its metal case which keeps all contactless cards inside safe. The other advantage to these wallets is that they are also waterproof and will keep your cards dry inside. It can also hold folded cash bills. Worth having for peace of mind knowing that your contactless cards are safe and secure.

Go buy one now or find out more information on our www.sekuretravel .com/protection These are so good, you should hurry before they sell out.

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