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Kedougou Travel on The country, with a population estimated at nearly 4 million, had a GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) of $7 billion in 2001. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Barbara Jelavich, History of the Balkans (Cambridge University Press, 1983); L.S. Stavrianos, The Balkans since 1453 (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1958); Noel Malcolm, Bosnia: A Short History (New York University Press, 1994); Misha Glenny, The Fall of Yugoslavia: The Third Balkan War (Penguin Books, 1994); CIA World Factbook (2002). GEORGE KOSAR BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY bourse IN OLD FRENCH, a bourse is a purse or sack, whose likeness was used as a symbol for the meeting place of merchants in medieval Flanders. The term is commonly used to designate the formal stock markets of continental Europe, especially the exchange in 19th-century Paris. Kedougou Travel 2016.

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