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Keb Travel on Though they are not changeable, the creatures of nature change by reason of the presence or absence of the archai in them. Such archai are the objects of the philosopher’s search. In asking what these archai are, it is essential to remember Aristotle’s initial common sense postulate that only the individual sensible object has separate existence. For its sake the whole investigation is being carried out this man, this horse, this house. To understand this individual as far as it is understandable, we must grasp certain things about it the class to which it belongs, the internal structure which logically it must be supposed to have. This question of structure involves talking about its logical constituents separately, but must not mislead us into thinking of them as if they existed separately, which they never do. We must picture the philosopher examining the things he sees around him in an attempt to abstract, by means of logical analysis, certain common principles which exist (they are not inventions of our own minds), but exist only combined in the concrete objects. Keb Travel 2016.

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