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IV. Donatism outside Africa. We know of Donatist groups in Italy, Spain and Gaul, small in number and hardly active. In Rome they reorganized the community of the montenses, the name deriving perhaps from the place of their meetings, also called campitae and campenses. According to Optatus II, 4, the Roman group was founded in 320; it was led at first by a temporary administrator interventor, then by a bishop. Augustine Contra litt. Petiliani II, 108,246; Ep. ad. cath. secta donat. 3,6 attests that the Donatists sent bishops to Rome and to Spain. The Coll. Cartag. Kazakhstan Map cites the names of these bishops: Victorinus, Boniface, Eucolpius, Macrobius, Lucian, Kazakhstan Map Claudian and Felix. Claudian, Lucian’s successor as leader of the Donatist community, set himself up as the pope of the Donatists and was supported by the partisans of the antipope Ursinus; he opposed Damasus, pope of the Catholica, who, with the help of the secular arm, sought to exile him.

Claudian managed to remain at Rome until 378 when, on the occasion of the Council of Rome, he was expelled and went to Africa, where he created the group of the Claudianenses. At the Council of Rome of 386, Donatists and Catholics were reconciled and the few existing Donatists joined the Catholics. In Spain, we do not know where they settled. It was probably here, or in Gaul, that Donatus the Great died and Parmenian was ordained Opt., II, 7. It is traditionally said the Maurists, Monceaux that Lucilla, the promoter of the schism, was Spanish, despite the divergent information given by Optatus, Augustine and the trial of Sylvanus. The Donatists’ links with Spain left traces among the Priscillianists. In Gaul, they began to live in groups during the Vandal domination and persecution, and during the emigration of the schismatics. Kazakhstan Map It was at the Council of Arles 314 that the contest between Caecilian and Donatus was clarified. The bishop to whom Augustine refers C. Cresc. III, 63,70 must certainly have lived in Gaul. Leo the Great and Avitus tell us that in 458 and 502 there were still Donatists at Narbonne and Lyons, who ended, perhaps, by being absorbed by the Catholics.

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