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Katowice Map on Prior to returning to films in 1957, the actress made her television debut on June 10, 1957 in the controversial Kraft Television Theatre production of The First and the Last, a dramatization by Morton Wishengrad of a John Galsworthy story depicting suicide as an acceptable solution for human problems. Back in Hollywood, Cabot began a six film association with independent B-movie producer-director Roger Corman that effectively constitutes what film legacy she enjoys today. Corman immortalized the actress in a series of exploitation films covering the topics teen music (Carnival Rock, 1957), sex (Sorority Girl, 1957), gangsters (Machine-Gun Kelly, 1958, co-starring Charles Bronson), swordand- sorcery (The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent, 1958), and science fiction (War of the Satellites, 1958; The Wasp Woman, 1959). As the title character in The Wasp Woman, Cabot’s most memorable screen role, she injected herself with the extract of the royal jelly of wasps to prevent the aging process with predictably disastrous results. According to Cabot, she enjoyed working with Corman He gave me a lot of freedom, and also 53 Cabot The one-time lover of King Hussein of Jordan, Susan Cabot could not escape typecasting in exotic roles until B-movie king Roger Corman cast her in five exploitation films including her most memorable performance as the title character in The Wasp Woman (1959). Seen here as Moana in her 1950 motion picture debut, On the Isle of Samoa, the ill-fated actress shares an onscreen kiss with co-star Jon Hall, who committed suicide in 1979. Cabot was murdered by her son, the suspected love child of the Jordanian king, in December 1986. Katowice Map 2016.

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