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Katanga Travel on e., produced and consumed) but also, as if behind the backs of the unsuspecting operators, a socially beneficent outcome is generated”an optimum optimorum”the best of all possible worlds. The implied belief system is to yield to the deity of the inherently virtuous invisible hand. Yet another strand of thinking questions the wisdom of reposing such sovereignty in the market forces” expressing our productive potential as producing commodities for the market, satisfying our human needs through buying from the market”as it bypasses direct human interaction, thus leading to alienation from other human beings, and creating a profound malaise of the modern capitalist era. Does the freedom of the market take precedence over the freedom of human beings? The question remains. A second defining element of capitalism has to do with the private ownership of the means of production, presumably to effect efficient utilization as well as efficacious stewardship of resources. Those who produce the smartest get to receive the most returns. Katanga Travel 2016.

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