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Karsava Novads Travel on The Hieros Gamos however is a phenomenon for which the explanation as nature-symbolism cannot be given up. There is too much positive evidence to vouch for it. It is still generally held, therefore, that the myth of a Hieros Gamos symbolizes the fertilizing of the earth by moisture from the sky, and that it is enacted in ritual in order to ensure, by a common kind of sympathetic magic, that this fertilization will in fact take place. The marriage of Zeus and Hera is the marriage of Sky and Earth as described in the lines of Aeschylus Danaids. At the same time the historical explanation is not given up. It is pointed out that among the aboriginal peoples of Greece and the neighbouring lands around the Aegean the most important deity was the Great Mother, who represented the teeming life of the earth and was the mistress of all that it produces, both vegetable and animal. The goddess who appears, often accompanied by obsequious animals, on many Minoan engraved gems and gold rings, is to-day a familiar example of the class. Karsava Novads Travel 2016.

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